Laundry DAY! More Balls, Larger Balls, Wool Balls.


I really just wanted to see what this amazing blogger friend was talking about when she said she she was throwing out her dryer sheets and going to buy Dryer Balls. She explained that she was going on a journey to try and live a little more healthy and she was doing research on her makeup, food and even her clothing and was finding that there are so many chemicals in everything. One of the biggest offenders in our homes that could be making us sick was our dryer sheets. She had done research and found that our dryer sheets hold so many carcinogens and toxins.

Well, I just skimmed through her blog and really didn’t read the details on exactly what I needed to make the transition smoother. I do this, I read highlights and not details! (Working on it) At my next Wal-Mart trip I picked up a couple of dryer balls. I came home with my new found discovery, excited about my efforts to change my 30 year laundry routine and a week into it I was so super frustrated. The reason I found out I was frustrated was because the balls weren’t working as well as my beautiful dryer sheets had done for years. My clothes were covered in static electricity and I can’t stand static. Who loves to be shocked every second of every day by their blankets or clothing. I was shocking my kids and they were complaining about their static hair!! LOL

Come to find out, I need LARGER BALLS, MORE BALLS and WOOL BALLS. Jesus Help it! Thanks to my friends on insta helping me understand what I didn’t know!

I know this is very 1st world problems and I realize I should be grateful that I even have a dryer to dry my clothes, so I get it. However, I also realized that there is this big push for modern day women to channel our inner-pioneer woman in a effort to become more healthier. Although I think this is so great, I’m wondering if we are making ourselves a little bit more fearful and little more sicker in some ways.

I’m up for change, and resources that help us get better. However, I do think we need to be clear on our ‘WHY’ we are changing. What works for one woman may not work for other women. I want to encourage women to change from a place of expectation, courage and passion, not from a place of fear.

Laundry Blog Pic.png

FOR EXAMPLE!!!! Give yourself GRACE!

If you are at a baby shower and you can’t have a lot of sugar. That’s okay take one or two bites of the cupcake then throw it away. LOL!! When we live from a place of balance and reward we are happier and more loving. You have seen that woman who so angry and fearful about everything she eats or does. Always googling side effects and always talking about how she is sick. Worry can cause us to be sick. Laugh at yourself and don’t always take yourself so serious.

I’m on a journey of finding some healthy replacements. I’m hoping I can keep a balanced approach and lead from a place of passion, not fear. This is hard. I already don’t like laundry, so implementing things that make it harder, well I’m not up for that. I am however, up for making my laundry time more enjoyable and healthier for my family. So, I’m trying the balls, just have to try and get the right ones!! LOL!!