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Lift the Ceiling off People



Hi Amazing Peeps! It’s almost a new year! The COUNTDOWN is on!! Can you believe it! 🎊🎆

My husband Aaron and I have experienced some growth hurdles this past year separately and together. This past year I sat out to do Real Estate and found out very quickly that sales just wasn’t for me. I committed to completing the year but just knew I needed to let go and Trust God and stay FOCUSED on what I am most Passionate about and that is my Family, and the Local Church. This is my lane and even though I had the right heart to contribute financially to my home, I just wasn’t at peace with the Real estate biz. For those who know me know I love; people, the church, being creative and my family.


 So, Aaron and I sat down and said how can we do something together that is a HOBBY and have FUN. Well, that’s how #thisissous was born. In ministry you need a FUN OUTLET!!

Over the course of our 18 year’s together we have had our high’s and low’s as well as super low’s. I’m sure like most of you have. These were moments that life hit us hard and it felt like we might not make it.

In those moments we solidified some absolutes that we have come to live by that helped us in the long run come out stronger and have more JOY!! These absolutes are what #thisissous is all about.

This is OUR WHY! ✍🏼💪🏼

 ✔️ 1) FLIP THE SCRIPT. Don’t allow your Negative thoughts to determine your day or even your moments.

✔️ 2) See the best in everyone and place VALUE. When see people for who they are and not for who we want them to be, we can live more peacefully. We have experienced what it feels like to have to perform to gain acceptance and we no longer want to walk that tight rope.

✔️ 3) TRUST GOD. When you transfer your worry to God in exchange for TRUST it lifts the ceiling off of you. We have struggled through the years to really TRUST God and let go of control. We know that when we operate in trust, we have the strength and passion to lift the ceiling off of others.

We can’t wait to gather more resources, grow and build more relationships with inspiring people and go on this journey with you.



This is my THIRD YOUTUBE CHANNEL. 🤣 oh well, Learn as you go! 🤷🏼‍♀️ 

I love him. He has the softest feet. Don’t worry we will talk about that in #thisissous🤣

I love him. He has the softest feet. Don’t worry we will talk about that in #thisissous🤣