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Don’t Run on Empty

Aaron and I have some Big Goals for 2019 and one of them is to grow in our Marriage. We have a good relationship, but let’s be honest we all get tired and we can lose sight of what makes each other run. One way we are going to be reigniting some areas in our relationship is by committing to Re:Engage at our church ever Monday night for 16 weeks. 

If you are going through some rough patches or are in a all out storm, or just want to grow stronger like us, join us and so many others at Re:Engage. You don’t have to register you just show up. Monday nights at 6:30pm, Hope Fellowship Church, Frisco West Campus.

In our latest video below we talk about “why” we are doing re:engage as well as some other fun things, Check it out! 

Would love for you to watch it and comment and tell us some of your favorite movies. (You will understand once you watch the video!) 

Don’t be afraid to get marriage resources or help. We are firm believers that you can’t or shouldn’t  build a storm shelter in the middle of the storm, we believe you should build a storm shelter before the storm! 

You ARE valuable, 


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💯 Cultivating encouragement in our lives is vital to how we tell people the TRUTH.

✍🏼 DISCLAIMER: MY blog is my opinion. I encourage you to go to the word of God constantly to find ways to speak the truth and encourage.

“A generous person will prosper, those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25 NIV

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Authentic encouragement doesn’t mean you are nice liar and that you are only out to tell people what they want to hear. It just means you ask yourself 2 questions before you hit people with brutal honesty.

 👉🏼 Do I pray for this person often?

👉🏼  Am I concerned or am I responsible for this person?

 Concern for someone is a bedrock

for prayer first.

If you are concerned for the person but have no relationship, you pray. If you are concerned and have a relationship with the person, you still pray. Our truth still only brings subtle change. But Prayer has has the power to transform and also leaves the credit in the right hands, GOD.

When we are RESPONSIBLE for someone Truth Telling is vital. 

We have a responsibility to our children to tell them the truth and to lead them to discover the truth. We have a responsibility for those in our business’ we are over, guiding and modeling healthy leadership. If you need to have a heart to heart and speak truth, do it in love. We have a responsibility to close family member’s that we have strong relationship with. These are our opportunities to be honest. People we have had trusted time with that we have “earned” the right to be honest with.

Authentic encouragement isn’t the safer option, I promise you that. Encouraging is for the resilient and the strong. Encouragement lays a bridge before people who might not otherwise know how to get over their sea discouragement.

Authentic encouragement is not natural for anyone either, it’s a character trait and it can be fostered. You can cultivate encouragement.